Want to see how corrupt they really are set up a sting that he goes to them with something important and let see how far it gets out it doesn’t even have to be something truthful that’s how you find the Beware Of The Boogeymen Patriots Shirt. I know just as well as every American that the Democrats and even some Republicans are corrupt as hell, that is why term limits should be on all government jobs period Need to know basis(period) until the job is done!! Especially of an “operation” such as this. The less that know the better..I heard earlier some Democrat Congressmen were notified, just not the blabbermouths!

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Many military ops. R classified n should stay that way. However, it’s a damm shame that some of our elected members of Congress can’t b trusted to keep their mouth shut. Nondisclosure agreements n after-action reports t, not the public’s business. Many times operators only no their part of the mission so if captured they can’t revile the Beware Of The Boogeymen Patriots Shirt plan n in danger the rest of the unit. Trump did the right thing by not telling anyone who didn’t have a need to no. Us army 61 to 70.

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Yes so true!! They would have leaked it to fake news outlet CNN who would have arrived early to be sure to be in place to film. The Beware Of The Boogeymen Patriots Shirt said it wasn’t important they r all talking like he did nothing so why r they so mad that he didn’t tell them, if Nan, could have held her teeth in long enough she woulda ruined it and our soldiers woulda been injured or killed , it’s so sad they love trying to get Trump more than they do our military ànd country.

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