That’s what galls me too Bear Paw Merry Christmas Leopard shirt. Like you were EXPLICITLY told that you are not wanted on this trip, and you have the nerve to throw a fit over your room??? If it were me (LBR I wouldn’t have gone on the trip obvi) I’d be sitting in the corner quiet as a mouse and on my absolute best behavior the entire time. S & R’s treatment of staff anywhere they go makes me super uncomfortable — and most of the time just plain upset. I do not find their outrageousness in those moments endearing nor funny

Bear Paw Merry Christmas Leopard shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Bear Paw Merry Christmas Leopard  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Bear Paw Merry Christmas Leopard  Hoodie
Bear Paw Merry Christmas Leopard  LongSleeve
Bear Paw Merry Christmas Leopard  Sweatshirt

She’s being a great drunk! She’s funny and incoherent but still has a grip on herself Bear Paw Merry Christmas Leopard shirt. The falling isn’t great but she took it like a champ. She’s not an angry drunk and she’s not a naggy annoying drunk. I love it. Not a level of drunk I aspire for a normal weekend, but vacation in Mexico? Looks like the best time ever! I find the room drama incredibly irritating. I hope Sonja and Ramona get the worst room, just out of spite. Dude, I know. The extended tantrums and bullshit from Sonja and Ramona are so absurd! It’s not cute, and it makes me wish Bethenny would just send them back to NYC (except not really cuz I need my drama). Blahhh I’m so jealous. My boyfriend and I broke up two weeks ago and I’ve been eating healthier and working out every day in order to make myself feel better but I did have 255 calories leftover today… which is exactly the amount in a Stone IPA! So I treated myself in honor of RHONY. I just realized Carole is totally Emma from Degrassi the Next Generation. Didn’t those two end up together? I feel so fucking bad for Tinsley. Sonja and Romona are gaslighting her like crazy. I feel like I’m going crazy for fuck’s sake. The girl is crying and is clearly struggling. Come on. Its clear for all to see that Sonja planted that story. Sonja is a snake – she pretended to do something nice for Tinsley but was jealous of her and stabbed her in the back at every turn. Even if anyone were to believe that Sonja didn’t do it, Tinsley isn’t wrong that Sonja ran her mouth to enough people that Page Six heard about it so technically, she’s still at fault. I have a ton of shit to do and briefly considered DVRing this tonight… until I remembered the preview from last week. There’s no way in hell I’m gonna watch this without you guys.
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