This Gender thing is a might ridiculous. I will be much more impressed when two robots spacewalk, and make repairs. Without human intervention. Do we have to have gender-specific robots as well? There really isn’t a reason to push all male or female anything. It’s amazing to have a first of anything for women..or men but if a woman has already done this then there really is no need to make a big deal because they did it by themselves. Set genders aside and choose the Bayou city Bombers shirt qualified.

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The Mission, as it turned out was female critical, the spacewalk had the objective of reaching a nearby orbiting storage facility containing ingredients the Women would need to make sammiches for the Male Astronauts in the Bayou city Bombers shirt Station. Women have been astronauts since the 80s. What’s the big deal that instead of being inside the space station in space that they are outside the space station in space? In 40 years no woman has been outside the space station?

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We, military spouses, are so happy for these American heroes! The commander in orange isn’t a fan of women’s success or even rights. By marriage, we are combat veterans and veterans and have the toughest job in the Bayou city Bombers shirt. Any veteran or military would be anti-trump and vote for the Democratic Party the most moral people in the world.

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