If Avengers 4 does go the time travel route Baby Yoda Ball shirt. And if Sony decided to give Venom to the MCU, then an easy fix would be saying Venom takes place in the timeline where Thanos won. This would explain the lack of Spiderman and also give them a reason to recast Hardy. It would probably be a bit asinine, but it’d be so easy to accept if it meant we get to keep Tom Hardy. That can still happen if Sony drops its ego and realizes they just can’t make a good superhero movie anymore, there was nothing wrong with Hardy’s take on Venom and Eddie, the problem was in plot and direction. I keep seeing this everywhere in reviews for Venom, writers just nonchalantly talk about it like it’s part of the MCU. One review I saw talked about how Marvel put out their best movies earlier in the year and now they’re putting out this. I have no stake in it but it’s irritating to read when people put out misinformation.

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Which major publications would those happen to be Baby Yoda Ball shirt. I feel like most publications I would call “major” would have those sorts of things sorted out. I was going to say maybe not a general film critic in a local newspaper but thinking about it I’m pretty confident that even they would understand the difference even if they aren’t big comic book film fans. Even if they aren’t keeping up with the MCU etc. enough to know, it’s something that any critic would understand from the business/logistical/production aspect of whatever film they are writing about, which they would have researched in addition to watching. Yep, the main reason I saw it was because of Tom Hardy, but I was so bored with the first half of the film, by the time the good bits were starting I just wanted it to end so I could go. I really wish they’d have worked with Feige and Marvel to make it part of the MCU, but they won’t.

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