If God is omnipotent, he knows everything. If he is all-powerful, he created this suffering, to begin with. If he isn’t both omnipotent and all-powerful, then he isn’t a God. How can that be? Either God allows and creates pain and tragedy in people who don’t deserve it while blessing people who don’t deserve it or he doesn’t exist. someone has to suffer for taking care of their families because they don’t have enough support while the rich keep his money on the bank and the government is busy collecting the poor,s money for paying living taxes a world of poverty created by the rich and corrupted system.

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China and many other nations have many people still struggling and suffering.. Instead of providing needed help to the weak and poor, they spend unnecessary money and resources on weapons and luxuries. How corrupted this world is. You see world leaders and ministers living the good life how about the civilians who are still struggling. Celebrities showing off their life etc. If It will take poor people to look like this in order to be helped, if it will take poor people to scream their intestines out in order to be assisted when we have Billionaires gambling daily then we all don’t deserve to be humans! And we have failed terribly as humans!

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We can’t help her if we don’t know what she had suffered, but we know her by news, and many people including local government is helping her, but that is too late, she have suffered a lot, so we are trying to improve our system, I hope we can find someone like her earlier Devastating to read. I feel so sorry for her, I wish there was a way I could help her or send her money.

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