If they knew that there is gang activity why would they put their children in such a situation…very sad….children shouldn’t have to pay for others’ mistakes. All the more reason to secure the Baby Groot hug Cat shirt border of the US. No reason to leave the door open to these groups, who are already working in the southern portion of the US. Earlier when this was breaking news Hispanic news reported that the family had to do something with the cartels and all of a sudden the video got deleted. You can’t just be living lavishly in Mexico unless your a celebrity or some kind of corrupted government.

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This is awful. People can be so evil. The 14-year-old boy walked 14 miles to get help after watching his mother slaughtered. The Baby Groot hug Cat shirt of Mexico doesn’t want to stop these guys. If Trump or the Mexican President cared an iota for this family or removing the cartel permanently, they’d be pursued like terrorists and airstrikes would’ve already have happened It’s sad and tragic. And also very ironic that they died by American weapons that crossed illegally the border to the south, to Mexico. Weapons paid by all American drug consumers.

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The Baby Groot hug Cat shirt Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints …why not called the Highway to Heaven or Meet Jesus Pass or even better put bough of them together. And by the way in Mexico, nobody kills anything if its no dollars. So they try to kidnap or someone order a hit job, like maybe the husband of the wives, who knows. We saw a story a few years back in Canada about Mormons that were part of a drug cartel down south. Things have come home to roost maybe? This might NOT be about a bunch of innocent Mormon’s but more about a feud between Drug Groups getting revenge.

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