I hate to break it to you but illegal immigration is a problem & a burden. The Avengers Chibi water reflection shirt are there. You can choose to ignore them but they are still there. Illegals should not vote, receive healthcare, receive food stamps, or any other benefit allowed to a real American citizen. You might not mind your tax dollars being spent like that but I do! I don’t know how many illegals vote. But you can’t deny they do. Cities that consider themselves sanctuaries for illegals will not have a problem with the voting. That’s common sense. Mayors all over America tell their police not to work with ICE. So I know there are cities that let illegals vote.

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If you say no voter fraud I suppose you mean the Russia thing is a hoax just like Trump said it was! But yes I do believe illegals vote. How many I don’t have a clue. But I think they are voting heavily in cities that break the Avengers Chibi water reflection shirt laws by allowing illegals to stay in America. Why would these cities like Los Angeles keep the law on who can vote but break the law on who stays in America?

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The Avengers Chibi water reflection shirt line is our border has been allowed to be broken for far too long! Either we have laws or we have anarchy. I for one am tired of people using kids & cages as political pawns. If you break the law you face the consequences. it is a fact that illegals vote. If you think not one illegal votes then you are nuts!! If one illegal vote is is against the law. I don’t care if it’s 3 or 3 thousand. No illegal foreigner should vote in an American election.

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