When the media usually titles accompanying the pictures with things like the amount of fires currently raging in Australia when in reality only 5 to 10 of what’s in the pictures is actually going on. So frustrating bc it is a good graph and they do note that it’s a compilation and that some fires have been contained. Important information presented here, if you know how to read it. Ruhlman but they are spreading rapidly because of dry conditions. Which is a result of Climate change. So if the Auntie’s You Say Alpaca My Bags Shirt jerks of the world would just grow up do something productive we wouldn’t have this problem. Apparently the creeks in the area should be fed by natural springs, but the sources supplying those springs have been dammed for fracking. Presumably, the draught is due to the lack of evaporation damaging the microclimate. Ruhlman of these about 24 were for actual arson and the rest were for being idiots.

Auntie’s You Say Alpaca My Bags Shirt

By disregarding total fire bans or throwing cigarette butts etc. Lee arson is not human neglect, it’s a crime and deliberate. The drought is not helping, I agree but nature and climate change are not what started this catastrophe. I can’t say it’s climate change, but yes the climate is not helping. Australia has been experiencing severe droughts for hundreds of years. This ain’t new to Australia. It’s hot in Australia as well, it’s the dead of summer there right now. Ruhlman, but arsonists and nothing new either and they have been involved in many bushfires before. They are simply a recurring problem every year. That does nothing to take away from the effects of global warming through which makes the fires more frequent and more intense. I’m an expert, aren’t you? People can have differing opinions, it’s okay you realize that right? Everything I said about droughts, how the fires were started.

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