The fact the Democrats are not allowing attorneys and any of the Republican witnesses should be telling. Every Republican should be standing in unison demanding Schiff’s removal from his position before any further action is taken. Allowing anything else but a guaranteed dead on arrival impeachment article is a mistake. And with the people that are involved Schiff, Pelosi, & the Democrats. They all look horrible. What they’re doing to our president and our country. All for the Ariel Taylor Swift TLM 1989 shirt  of government and not for the good of the people. It’s not finding the truth only hiding it. Schiff is just trying to destroy Trump’s presidency. And the American people will never forgive.

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Schiff said he had proof President Trump colluded with Russia, so why isn’t it over…because Schiff lied, he lied to the Ariel Taylor Swift TLM 1989 shirt people about the proof, Schiff lied about the contents of the phone call to Ukraine, Schiff is proven, liar. The Mueller report would have shown SOMETHING that would have been impeachable. There was nothing then, there is nothing now! The Barr and Durham reports are coming and I believe it will reveal DNC/Biden & Clinton were all the “collusion” experts and I’m equally convinced there will be several criminal indictments for the aforementioned.

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Adam Andersen, Did you damage yourself by abusing drugs? You make no sense at all and are very angry in your posts. I think you may also suffer from TDS. Please get some help. Adam Andersen, the Ariel Taylor Swift TLM 1989 shirt have been lying, stealing money and have a list of dead middle-aged people behind them a mile long! Even if he did talk to the Russians it’s nothing compared to what the Democrats do to this country!

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