Never trust any politicians that won’t answer the Anthony Rendon Ball Don’t Lie shirt directly and truthfully and honest… BJ is rambling on about his great deal and is more about promoting himself than answering the questions. If a politician does that, I assume they can’t answer because the public won’t like what they’ll hear Shortly after this photo was taken the squirrel demanded to speak to the forests’ manager.

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They are common in Minneapolis (US). Their population goes up and down. They center in a park in the downtown and are seen several miles south. Currently, their numbers are down. A few years ago, I saw them every day scattered over several miles. looks like your white squirrel gang has relatives across the puddle. “The Anthony Rendon Ball Don’t Lie shirt was snapped by conservationists working to protect red squirrel populations in the northeast of Scotland.”I saw a pure black squirrel on the road between Curbar and Hassop in the Peaks.

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I have 2 of these unicorns in my local. Though realizing not so rare form the Anthony Rendon Ball Don’t Lie shirt comments. Lol. But we are all blessed and if something puts a smile on our faces then bring it on. God bless u white unicorn squirrels. hide ur nuts careful as weather gonna be a b1tch We have them here in Brevard NC, dedicated White Squirrel Festival every year. We have black ones up in Massachusetts too. We have always had a family of them at Bellwood’s Park and Queen west in Toronto. We even have a street called White Squirrel Way in that neighborhood.

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