The American League Champs 2019 shirt people knew how to live in an arid harsh country then Europeans arrived and they are still trying to make it a green copy of somewhere else. Not really succeeding. Maybe we could learn a thing or to from an old spiritual culture. It just goes to show how stupid they are closing this rock. Massive tourist draw bringing in money to the area. More damage is done to Mount Everest! Let’s close that too. I worked in a community just below and watched many people screaming for help trying to get down.

American League Champs 2019 shirt

American League Champs 2019 shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

American League Champs 2019 hoodie


American League Champs 2019 sweater


I never climbed it or picked up a stone, very bad karma. I dont think people understand the deep spiritual connection and significance to the land. Indigenous people can navigate the land without a compass they are the American League Champs 2019 shirt. Forrest’s and tourist spots people enjoyed In the ’70s have either been made commercialized or destroyed. honestly my grandkids should move to the USA, Canada or Europe because by the time they get born there won’t be sweet fall to look at other than large or I guess a theme park in Qld.

American League Champs 2019 tank top

tank top

American League Champs 2019 ladies tee

ladies tee

We need more water I know: let’s not build the American League Champs 2019 shirt  things that hold it. Wonderful wildlife habitats by the way. Yet another deluded planet saver who can’t see beyond his own nose Facebook has private confidential information of everyone so it will have maximum protection built-in taking money from it. Be sure that nobody can run away after taking its money Why do these representatives have to be so rude? Zuckerberg doesn’t think FB is responsible for any security. I agree, if I use Facebook and get bad info, it’s on me. WHO would consider using cryptocurrency from FB.

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