The thing that bothers me the A very Supernatural christmas shirt is that when all of this is said and done the American people have been punished the most by all of this nonsense. A vendetta was set into place that DID NOT have us in mind as the big winners. Sad that half of America cannot see this. So what will happen because of this? I have read enough stories that I would think the Dems would be in jail on a number of topics but nothing ever happens!

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Oh, the games you play. America does not buy the crap the A very Supernatural christmas shirt are selling. Soon, all will be out and those playing dirty games will be exposed and treated appropriately for their crimes. Where have all these devoted people been for 10 years or longer? I just know that no other president, congressperson, or senator, lobbyist, big pharma, insurance companies, votes, etc. has never used any quid pro quos or ( reality language) I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine. It’s done every day. Parents use quid pro quos with their kids to get the behavior they want, schools use quid pro quos, employers use quid pro quos, politicians use quid pro quos to get your vote.

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Why isnt the A very Supernatural christmas shirt Republicans holding hearings right now and calling these and their own witnesses also calling shifty shift to see how many contacts he actually had with the whistleblower what ever happened 2 the2nd whistleblowers then she lied under oath!!! Welcome to the club!!! no one gets charged, no one gets prosecuted and no one does time.

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